Tuesday, November 22, 2011

His Bride

I believe that God intended us as women to be His bride. I believe that God wants to romance us in a way that NO MAN can do. & I believe that we should fall in love with Jesus before we try to fall in love with anyone else. Yes, God wants us to be with a man. The bible says that man was not created to be alone, but I believe that we don't know true love until we know God's love. & His love isn't something we will ever begin to even comprehend, but I believe that it's the greatest joy one can have. These next two videos have really changed my perspective when it comes to waiting for that guy to come along. I pray that you will be empowered and moved by these videos. I pray that God will show you a little glimpse of what He has in store for you if you just wait for Him. <3 Enjoy, Xoxo.

This second video has subtitles so that you can really grasp the message in case you miss something. <3

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